Thanksgiving and the Season of Gratitude

It’s turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing season — and this year the table may have looked a little smaller. In the wake of the second wave of COVID-19, people have canceled their journeys home in favor of quarantining to prevent further disease spread and protect their loved ones. Many may have found themselves either celebrating alone or with only immediate family. Others may be having a tough holiday having lost loved ones to the disease. It’s a tough pill to swallow after a long and hard year but we must remember the important things.

However far apart the distance, our hearts remain connected to our loved ones through the strength of our bonds. No one wants to head home to celebrate only to return and prepare for a funeral. Of course, calling off plans requires the sacrifice of forgoing Thanksgiving company and limited interaction. But this is for the greater good and there are still ways to take part in the cheer. Here are some considerations and alternative ways to celebrate gratitude without dining together. 

1. Continue having Virtual Meal Sharing throughout the weekend

Best practice would be canceling in-person gatherings altogether in favor of a Zoom virtual gathering. In light of the holiday, Zoom has lifted the 40-minute meeting restriction so everyone can mingle for however long they want. No table crowding, kitchen mess, or dishes to clean up after. Go ahead and spill all the family gossip and mashed potatoes you want; no one will see the gravy stains on your lap or notice your 4PM food coma.

2. Volunteering Safely or Donating to a Food Pantry

With the current dire economic conditions, many people are being left food-needy. Why not help your less fortunate neighbors by volunteering (socially distanced and safely) to pass out food supplies? That or making donations of extra canned food to a local donation place for distribution will make a big difference. If you want to avoid any risks at all, make a charitable donation to causes that need a little extra support this year. Share the love any way you can.

3. Plan a Cozy Night in With Takeout. 

Who says you have to celebrate Thanksgiving with all the pomp and circumstance? It’s perfectly fine to just call it a day, hang up the apron, and not cook at all. Treat yourself to some nice takeout instead, and support your local restaurants to help keep them afloat. Put on a Friends marathon or any Hallmark/Lifetime channels to add in some cheer. At this moment, they will most likely already have a rotating selection of holiday movies on for your easy binging. 

4. Drop off Socially Distanced Treats

Just because you’re apart doesn’t mean you can’t mail cards, care packages, or drop off doorstep pies. We can get more creative and artsy this year with our signs of affection. It’ll brighten up anyone’s day to receive an impromptu treat, and more importantly, you can show your affection and gratitude without jeopardizing anyone’s health.

For this week’end’s special journal prompt, go ahead and:

1. Speak or send a word of thanks to those we hold dear. Give them a call or send them some mail.

2. Write down what you’re most thankful for in your personal life.

3. Hold a gratitude prayer for how far you’ve come, making it another day, for your health, and for clarity of mind.

Have a great and purposeful Thanksgiving Weekend Holiday!

XOXO The Menopause Whisperer

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