Reflections: Achievements and Lessons Learned

ME.NO.PAUSE CEO, we have finally arrived at the finish line. Winding down 2020, it is time for some much-needed reflection on what hard-earned lessons and victories this year has brought. 

Yes, I said it. Victories

Although this year was wracked with COVID-19, the fires of racial injustice, and the deep isolation of a long quarantine, there was still a small silver lining to it all. I have been steadily growing my network and building the Menopause Whisperer brand all of 2020 and am manifesting the opportunity to help out more new clients for 2021. More conferences, more workshops, on-line courses and growing the ME.NO.PAUSE Meet-UP ME-NO-PAUSE MEET-UP : Women In All Phases of Menopause Facebook group. 

All of this is well within my reach, and I can feel the tides of fortune upon me. And I want to invite you, dear reader, fellow Menopause CEO to take a moment to reflect on your personal accomplishments over the calendar year. 

Did you start a new job? Lose weight? Learn to meditate? Cut out sugar? All small positive lifestyle or environmental change counts. Positive psychology shows that showing gratitude and celebrating small wins enhances motivation and stimulates the feel-good dopamine system. This in turn can push us to want to achieve more and feel rewarded. A much-needed feel-good emotion for 2020 woes and perhaps a propellant for 2021’s goals.

Oftentimes this year we were just moving from one crisis to the next and it may not have occurred to you just how far you have come. This time last year, I had been thinking about my power word. I had settled upon FIERCE as my descriptor. I wasn’t fierce in the way I had planned but became fierce in a way that was needed to aid myself and my loved ones. I had expanded beyond my scope and vision.

At the onset of the pandemic, I had been fearful for menopausal women in the later stages of life because of the inherent health risks. But I rose to the occasion and became FIERCE in advocating for and providing food and care for my loved ones (friends and family). I was FIERCE healing my mental traumas from social injustice. 

Over the weeks, I posted and streamed weekly on various social media platforms and gave action steps through workshops and seminars that detailed how to be kind to yourself under mental pressure. I kept my business moving to service clients and grew my business while pivoting the Going Thru The Change strategy to educate menopausal women concerning all of their issues of concern, need and desire. 

In my journey I myself was RECLAIMING what it meant to be a Menopause Boss and became ME.NO.PAUSE CEO so I could pass on my teachings to my students and muses. I am revitalized and see my menopause as a superpower now. One that has gotten me through this year and empowered me to help out my greater community at large.

Here my 2021 challenge to you. I want you to review and reflect on your year. Look into the mirror of 2020. When you look in that mirror, I want you to see all the fabulous, beautiful aspects about yourself. Your achievements and wins unlock a different way of experience for your five senses. Really reflect to bring up those sensory answers which can be either literal or metaphysical:

Journal Prompts:

1.   What do you picture or “see” about yourself that is a victory?

2.   What do you hear or have heard about yourself that shows that you have grown?

3.   How do you experience the fragrance of your surroundings differently?

4.   Are there any achievements that you can physically “touch” now because they exist?

5.    What is a taste or flavor in your life that is different now versus earlier this year or last year?

I would love to hear your answers to the above questions down in the comments below or feel free to message me to share your wonderful reflections.

Have a great and purposeful year!


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