Black Women’s History Month

Hey menopause bosses, did you know that April is Black Womens’ History Month? As a society, we don’t glamorize or tell tall tales about the inspirational lives of women, especially women of color, who are relegated to the shadows. I often think of how womens’ stories are never at the forefront. Making legends seemed squarely for men and I want that to CHANGE.

Where are the Abe Lincolns, Paul Bunyans, heck even Santa Claus- level of respect for women’s accomplishments? We never refer to Shirley Chisholm, Wu Zetian,Mary Church Terrell, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper and Grace Lee Boggs of history in that same reverent manner. It’s always relegated to certain themed months or relevant moments of their careers. I want WOC (women of color) in particular black womens’ stories to remain a timeless mainstay. We need to turn Womens’ History Month into a daily initiative to put women in the spotlight until it becomes the norm. So let me start off with my own story from the very top. You know me as the ORIGINAL Menopause Whisperer and as your menopause coach… but do you know my origin story?

I’m Deborah Roebuck, and I hail from West Philadelphia. Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a nurse to serve my community. I did exactly that for over forty years, working as a nurse and public health administrator to promote childrens’  and womens’ health. And for a while, I thought I had truly lived out my potential given that I had done all I wanted to do. However, God had different plans for me and it was perhaps a hard blessing in disguise. Early into my retirement, I had 3 life-altering experiences occur. I was widowed, diagnosed with breast cancer, and witnessed a police shooting on my doorstep all at once. Going through those personal struggles as a menopausal woman, I realized how much I drew support from my community to recover and how difficult it was for older women going through menopause to receive the help they needed.

Menopause as a phenomenon is very much an underrecognized transformation, and it was this realization that spurred me into creating my community Going Thru The Change LLC. For me, my menopause was not just a cessation of the physical manifestations of my period but also a gateway into the next part of my life. A renewal. Most women don’t understand the symptoms of their menopause because society did not equip them to do so and that in itself is a tragedy. Putting my experiences, expertise, and desire to see this change, I launched myself into coaching menopausal women to show the world that our lives don’t end at menopause. Rather it is a fearful and wonderful opportunity to seize upon a more profound purpose in life. 

Menopause frees us from the societal burdens once placed upon us for having child-bearing abilities. I now see my destiny is to help more women come into this realization and take ownership of their golden years. Menopause is supposed to be an era of personal increase, not decrease, and has a momentum. God’s divine direction is for me to act as the conduit for women to harness their unique capabilities to find fulfillment in their lives.

That’s how I think I will make my mark on history. This purpose is part of my ongoing legend as the Menopause Whisperer.

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