Menopause and Summer

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Hello ME.NO.PAUSE Bosses, do YOU have summer plans in store?

Planning to see your kids or grandkids, attempting to travel around the states, getting into gardening, rejoining an aerobics class perhaps? Well have no fear because the Menopause Whisperer is here to make sure your trip is as successful as possible.

This post will be packed with tricks for how to manage your menopause symptoms on the go and tips to keep everyday as smooth as possible.

So let’s get into it shall we?

Manage Hot Flashes in the Summer

You know them, you feel the flush, and you get the sweats instantaneously. On the go? Carry a Ziploc bag and request ice on your flight OR carry a pre-frozen reusable ice pack in an insulated bag to pull out and apply right away. Instant relief! I also recommend carrying a hand fan! Stylish and useful altogether. Meditation will also help if you’re feeling stressed out by the travel (perhaps check out Headspace and Calm?).

Portion Out Your Medications

If you take any HRT (hormone replacement therapy), anti-depressant, or estrogen medications, try and set up a phone alarm or some kind of reminder to take them regularly. This way there are no interruptions in the day for you. If you are flying, I recommend a “days of the week pill case” so you can ration out your dosages in advance with fewer pill bottles. Stow this in your carry-on for ready access and examination through TSA.

Bonus Tip: Try and request curbside check-in in advance. They will assist you with your luggage, give you your ticket faster, and assist you if you have a wheelchair.

Get Checked Out

To make sure your summer goes uninterrupted, get your appointments ready and early! Get those pap smears, nab those mammograms, take those bone density scans, and run through all your regular checkups. The sooner you can get cleared, the better! It will bring you peace of mind to go traveling with no immediate health scares or risks. You want to be in tip-top shape!

Carry Healthy Snacks

Eating healthy is an important tool to keep symptoms at bay. On the road, pack some nutrient-rich foods like flax seed crackers, dark berries, a thermos of iced black tea, or wrapped cheeses. Avoid packing processed snacks (things that come in wrappers!) and refined carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, etc. Carry your snacks in a fun container for you to munch on when you need a boost. For some more ideas for dietary supplements, check out this article for more information.

Ease of Access

Having a quick exit is key when traveling (and perhaps in life). When on a plane; try to book the aisle seat so you can get to the bathroom quicker to apply any creams or freshen up. Before hitting the road, try and plan out bathroom breaks, and carry the above suggested items with you in a small portable bag.

My final tip? Check out my Menopause Whisperer YouTube channel so you can be ready to handle the road or the skies this season. Click link to access Menopause and Summer Travel

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Have a wonderful summer on purpose!


The Menopause Whisperer

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