As an international speaker and workshop leader, Dr. Deborah provides speaking, training and workshops for organizations, hospitals, business associations and corporate wellness programs.



Menopause Is Not The Boss of ME

As a women’s transformational speaker, Dr. Deborah helps women transform their mindset and renew their spirits as they go through the various transitional phases. She provides solutions to the challenges of menopause: hot flashes, senior moments, night sweats, mood changes, and more. This presentation will guide participants towards promoting their health and wellness, as well as equip women to navigate the pitfalls of menopause and manage the signs and symptoms, aiding them to embrace their passion, purpose, and legacy while Going Thru The Change. 

Stages of Menopause: Where Am I Now?

In this workshop, Dr. Deborah will provide an comprehensive overview of the different stages of menopause and what to do in each one:

  • Peri-Menopause
  • Menopause
  • Post-menopause

Dr. Deborah additional speaking topics include:

– The Menopause Sandwich Generation: Grandma, Mom, and Me.

– Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Does Not End at MEnopause. BUILDING YOUR LEGACY.

How To Remain Sane WHEN all your friends are going through the change.

-It’s Getting Hot in Here, and I feel like taking off all my clothes, But I’m at work, and other work related issues.

Oops I did it again, Strategies for the Leaky Bladder and other new menopausal norms.

I had Breast Cancer, and he had Prostate CancerWhat I wished someone had told me!