Menopause is an adventure, not an obstacle.

I coach menopausal women to achieve their passion and purpose as they go through their diamond years.

Let’s make you a roadmap for your greatest adventure.

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Dr. Deborah is a renowned menopause coach working to transform women’s lives

  • ME.NO.PAUSE: Reclaim 2022 and Claim 2023

    Queens, No matter what your menopause experience has been this year, I encourage you to carve out some time for yourself before the end of the year to PAUSE. This period of respite will provide you with the much needed time to reboot and reset your intentions for 2023. Do not permit outdated stereotypes write…

  • Menopause and Summer

    Chronicles from the Menopause Whisperer® Hello ME.NO.PAUSE Bosses, do YOU have summer plans in store? Planning to see your kids or grandkids, attempting to travel around the states, getting into gardening, rejoining an aerobics class perhaps? Well have no fear because the Menopause Whisperer is here to make sure your trip is as successful as…

  • Black Women’s History Month

    Hey menopause bosses, did you know that April is Black Womens’ History Month? As a society, we don’t glamorize or tell tall tales about the inspirational lives of women, especially women of color, who are relegated to the shadows. I often think of how womens’ stories are never at the forefront. Making legends seemed squarely…

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