Master Menopause At Work

A concise workshop series that enables you to become a BOSS and own your signs of menopause symptoms.


The Ultimate Menopause Workshop

” One of the most insightful workshops I have been to. It was amazing to have a professional validate and provide personalized support. Dr. Roebuck is extremely well-versed in all things menopause.

— Sherry J.


What services are included in the session?

I include an in-depth overview of the condition of menopause, the treatments, the underlying psychological effects, and it’s effects on women’s lives. I give coping strategies and personalized recommendations that are uniquely tailored to each woman.

What are your credentials?

I am a retired RN nurse with over 30 years of experience treating patients and have taken to providing specialized care within the area of menopause.

How can I book you for further services?

Please feel free to book a call so we can further make arrangements.