Celebrate the 2020 Holiday Season as a ME.NO.PAUSE CEO

We’re officially days away from the big day and predictably, this year will be looking rather different compared to the years prior. It has been a long road to the holidays. For some families, it may be extra painful this particular year without certain family members or friends around. There have been many casualties of COVID-19 and making hard choices will help ensure that you can secure many more years together with your loved ones. 

Despite everything that has gone down, it may be more important than ever to participate in some form of cheer even if it is just to have a symbolic close out to the end of this year. This post right here is my personal plea and PSA for all women but especially menopausal women because you are all my extended network. Please take time for yourself. I know personally, I’m making sure that I am in a healthy and relaxed state of mind in order to be able to maintain my emotional bandwidth. That way when I feel relaxed, I can pay special attention to my family and neighbors’ needs while staying safe. 

It has been a tumultuous time and it is ok to decompress and do whatever it takes to recover your mental health. From serving as matriarchs and pillars for your family to being caretakers of the community and the workforce, menopausal women do it ALL. Just as you invest energy and time into your responsibilities and loved ones, it is critical that you bring that full circle and pour that love back into yourself.

Tune into all the emotions that roll through your mind without judgment. Flesh out the negative emotions and thoughts about life and 2020 out on paper. Allow yourself to feel overwhelmed and make sure you monitor your stress levels (journal it out if in doubt!). If you’re feeling extra stressed out, take a long walk, or do some yoga (or other physical exercises). Watch your favorite TV show or call up an old friend to reminisce about your favorite memories. It will help get the serotonin and dopamine working to help boost your mood which will in turn reduce your stress levels and promote a better sense of wellbeing. 

Doing these activities will allow you to be more present and better equipped to handle the influx of holiday activities, whether it be personal or circumstantial. When you are feeling refreshed and if you feel comfortable doing so, step forth in the community and offer yourself up as a source of strength to others. Being in our position with our years of accumulated wisdom and lived-in experiences have equipped us to guide the young which is especially important this season when many may be feeling lost.

I hope some of the words I offered up above resonate with you. I highly encourage you to stay distanced and opt for video calls and limited interactions with family members. Make sure to follow CDC guidelines and have yourselves a wonderful and SAFE holiday. 

As always, my inbox is open if you ever have any questions. In addition, I invite you to check out my Menopause Bootcamp for 2021 where I will teach you the art of managing your menopause and vital skills to survive and thrive while going through the change. Join us on the journey to becoming a ME.NO.PAUSE CEO!!!

XOXO The Menopause Whisperer

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